June 6, 2023

How to Create an ebook and generate passive income?

It is possible to monetize your skills and knowledge.  You  all know something  better than other people in a particular area.

You can sell your knowledge and for that, creating an  ebook  and selling it is a great way to make passive money.  As soon as your  ebook  is published, you don’t have to do anything else except wait for sales.

If you want to earn money with your  ebook , a salary supplement or even more.  Follow the lines carefully so as not to make the mistake of publishing an  ebook  without a real strategy.

Find a profitable niche

What you can’t write?  You don’t have the talent of a recognized author otherwise it would be known?!  Rest assured ! I, too, am like you, unable to write a 500-page novel.

I have no imagination to tell a story that excites you and transports your imagination.  What you need to understand is that the goal is to create a   non-fiction ebook .

Before you start, it is important to take stock of your knowledge.  It’s easier to talk about something you know, isn’t it?!

A review of your knowledge and experience

You certainly have a lot of knowledge on a particular field or experience related to your activity as an employee. Your experience is an inexhaustible source of knowledge and you must exploit it to earn a living on the  internet .  You’re probably a young, underage kid who doesn’t have much experience other than playing video games.

Maybe you have a community on  Instagram  or YouTube or other network gaming platforms.  You can show how you successfully created a community.

Find the need and solve it

Do you know how to play a guitar or did you have health problems that you treated naturally?  Your weak points can become your livelihood if you manage to bring the solution to other people.

People who buy  ebooks are generally looking for a specific solution.  And this solution, you will bring them on a platter.

Many professionally written books are very theoretical, course-like.  There is a lot of talk and few concrete things.  You must go straight to the point and discuss the solutions and above all have a guideline.

Analyze keywords

Starting from a need is fine, but if your subject doesn’t interest anyone, you’re wasting your time.  A little keyword analysis is in order . Use tools like ubersuggest  or  insight  yooda  to analyze keyword volume.

Look at the expressions that are typed using the answer  the public tool . You will be surprised at the results and  maybe you will change the title of your book.

You notice that people are trying to lose weight without exercising or depriving themselves.  You must therefore use the right expressions for your niche.

Analyze the competition

You are not the only one publishing in your niche, otherwise ask yourself questions. There have certainly been plenty of ebooks published before you, and you should take advantage of them. Type in your ebook’s niche and see if there are a lot of ebooks published or very few.

In France, the competition is not tough enough as we see on the American market for example. See if there are sales from competitors, are there any customer reviews?

Take a look at what readers are saying and note any negative comments . You must take these remarks into account and respond to them in your ebook. If we take the example of kindles on amazon, if ever your first opinions are negative.

You can throw your ebook in the trash, no one else is going to buy it. Especially since many people take customer reviews into account.

Writing your ebook


Make way for the writing, probably the most boring part for some.  If you’re not used to it, you may be impressed by the quality of work.  Don’t worry, if you organize your work well, you can finish your  ebook  in less than a week.

The main objective remains to write several ebooks to create more substantial income for you.

Set yourself goals

This is an important point that I need to address with you, as I started an  ebook  in the past that I never finished.  Writing an ebook can impress you, it’s true.

You will be a future author who will have written a book.  I’ll stop you right now, you don’t need to write a novel.  An  ebook of 15,000 to 20,000 words is fine as long as you cover the subject in depth.  Now how do you write 15,000 words fast?

The goal is to write as many ebooks as quickly as possible.  Writing an  ebook  in a year is within   everyone’s reach .  But writing an  ebook  in less than a week  is  more complicated.  For this, you must organize yourself to write a certain number of words each day.  If I take my example, I write 1000 words in one hour, so 2000 words in two hours without the layout  (yes, I’m slow, but I try to bet on quality.) .

Schedule two hours each day and start writing.  If you don’t like to write, dictate your text and the 2000 words will be done in 30 minutes.  To do this, use the Google doc tool and then use voice input.

Plan your digital book

Just like this article, you need to come up with an outline for your  ebook .  You start from a problem that you will expose then gradually you bring solutions in chapters.  Even if you don’t know exactly what your  ebook will contain , you have to be logical.

Start from a point A where the frustrated reader is still asking questions about his problem.  Until the point Z where you will have given all the keys necessary to the resolution of the problem while passing by the points B, C ,…  Intermediate stages to be crossed with elements of answers.

The content of your ebook

Before you start drafting, you need to choose the right time to work.  Be calm, focused without being disturbed to always be productive.

Choose times of the day when you are inspired , when you are bursting with energy.  If you have planned ten chapters to write, try to do one chapter at a time.  The goal is to finish a started chapter and not leave it for the next time.


The most common mistake is to stop writing for X reasons, to take a break, to proofread and correct spelling mistakes, … Or even answering messages or on the phone.

In short, all these distractions kill your concentration and your inspiration. You will forget to add that awesome idea in your content that you thought of. It is therefore important to work on your productivity to save time and energy.

It is obvious that if you do not fully understand your subject, you are going to have a hard time. There’s no harm in getting inspiration from blog posts or YouTube to flesh out and complete your ebook.


Once the content is in place, you need to structure your ebook and lay it out.  First, you will proofread and correct any spelling or grammatical errors.

Then, lay out the ebook with titles, paragraphs and adding images as if it were an article.  Proofreading and correcting a hundred pages is not very motivating and takes a lot of time.  If you don’t have the courage, you can delegate the layout, as you can delegate the creation of your  ebook  elsewhere.

Set up a table of contents to let readers see what you’re covering in your eBook.

It is possible to have an  ebook  that stands out for its professional layout thanks to this tool .  You can use the tool to offer services on  5dollars.com  on the layout of an  ebook .


Don’t forget to put your links at the end of your  ebook .  Links that redirect to your blog or to your offers to sell more products.  Selling an ebook is good, but  upselling  other products is even better.  And if you have nothing to sell, put your social networks or your blog.

Publication of the ebook

It’s time to go publish your  ebook , you’ve been waiting for this moment to start reaping the fruits of your labor.  The first place that comes to mind is  amazon  with its famous  kindle  direct  publishing .

There are other platforms, but there is also a blog.  Having a blog is very effective for selling  ebooks  thanks to its ability to attract natural traffic.
There are several things to pay attention to before publishing your ebook.

Here are the things to consider when publishing your  ebook .

The cover

As with a YouTube video, the cover of your ebook is very important. If it gets attention , you’ll get clicks and probably sales. If it goes unnoticed, your ebook will remain uninteresting.

You can use the canvas tool or delegate this task to a service provider to have a professional rendering. Once the cover is created, put it on the front page.

The title

A catchy title as for a cover, allows to hook the visitor, attracts his attention. He will then want to know more if your promise is strong . You should choose hard-hitting but not very dreamy titles like “The Ultimate Method to Lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days” or “The Secret to Becoming a Millionaire Quickly”.

The description

If the visitor has taken the first step ie, click on the ebook link .  He learn more about your book. The description is like a sales page , you have to make people want it.

Press where it hurts, talk about the problem encountered and talk about the solutions you are going to give.  Don’t forget to tell your story, so your reader can relate to you and imagine arriving at your current situation after solving the problem.

Your description as well as your title must contain one or more keywords to allow your digital book to be more visible to people who type the keyword.

The promotion

To sell more, especially at the beginning, you have to promote.  To do this, you have several ways to publicize your book in order to easily obtain your first customers.

  • Social networks:  it is important to develop an audience on several platforms such as Facebook,  Instagram .  You can also publicize your  ebook on Facebook groups of your theme.
  • The blog:  a blog is an ideal showcase for selling and promoting your  ebook thanks to the organic traffic it receives.
  • Emaillist   :  if you have several subscribers to your  email list , you can promote your book.
  • Paid advertising: paid  advertising on  amazon  , for example, can help sell your book.  Make sure your book sells first before you pay for advertising.

To conclude, creating an  ebook  costs nothing from writing to publishing if you want to do it all on your own.  I still recommend that you train yourself at least before jumping in head first and wasting your time when you could have avoided certain mistakes.

Creating and selling an  ebook  on several platforms can generate a nice passive income.  At first, you will earn a few tens and then over time a few hundred dollars per month.

Imagine if every week you write an  ebook  that can earn you a few thousand dollars a year.  You spend a year writing 54  ebooks , can you imagine the result?

Of course, 54 books is too much, maybe one book a month is more affordable. You work for a year and say goodbye to your boss.  Said like that, it sounds simple, but it will require a lot of work beforehand and strategies to apply before having results.

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