June 6, 2023

Tips to choose a Perfect affiliate program and make part time income

Choosing a good affiliate program is a crucial step for your affiliate marketing business . Indeed, it is this step that will allow you to earn money and build your business on a good foundation.

You must therefore select your program carefully and for that, these criteria can help you make your decision.

Must Choose affiliate program related to your Topic.

This is a common mistake that can be seen from newbies starting a blog and highlighting the products they are looking to promote. They take all the products and put them on their blog.

Generally the products come from  1TPE. The blog then looks like a Christmas tree with banners everywhere. Products different from each other. We then find a program to quit smoking, a program for back pain.

They think they’ll have better luck selling.

Create Affiliate program with subscription

The best affiliate program in my opinion is a subscription program. Why ? Because it allows you to have recurring income each month as long as the customer remains registered on the platform.

That’s what we’re trying to do on this blog. Imagine that every month you earn a commission just because you recommended a product once, that’s great isn’t it?!

And there are a ton of subscription programs. If we take the field of marketing, imagine that you recommend an auto-responder or a hosting, the gains may be quite low, but some people use the tool for years.

If you have a commission of 5 dollars per month, imagine what you will have in a year or 5 years with a single client and all without doing anything. The link you shared you have since forgotten but it continues to bring you back.

The two-tier affiliate program

There are two-tier affiliate programs, which offer to pay you a commission for selling your referrals.

In addition, the affiliate system is excellent, because you will receive 40% recurring commission.

A quality program

A quality program is a program that combines several criteria that validate the choice of the affiliate platform. Before choosing your program, ask yourself questions and above all see if it meets some of these criteria.

The conversion rate

First, look at the conversion rate of the product if it is available or ask the seller. Look at the sales page, if it looks professional or not, it gives you an idea of ​​the conversion rate.

But why is the conversion rate so important?  But if the product does not convert enough it will send many more visitors, and in this case you are not profitable.


A cookie is a file that is placed on your computer when you click on a link. And that’s how we know that someone went through your link or not. Even if the visitor clicks on your link but doesn’t buy, and decides to buy another day.

The commission goes to you and you trigger the sale.

It’s simple, ask the owner of the program or platform for the lifetime of the cookie. In this way if the cookie has a lifetime of a few months, it is an advantage for you otherwise it is not very interesting.

Still unclear? Let’s take an example, you want to buy a training course, you hesitate and postpone it. A month later you take action and buy the training. Whoever offered you the training or link takes the commissions.

The multi-month one is the best choice for you.

The commission percentage

Commissions of course, you are not there to earn peanuts! A quality program is a program that offers a good commission rate.

You sell a book on amazon for €25, you barely earn €1, that’s not how you’re going to make a living.

Hence the interest in turning to the affiliation of digital products . Preferably choose a program that offers you at least 40% commission.

For products with subscription, the commissions are generally low. Select a program that offers you a minimum of 30% commission each month.

Repayment rate

The quality of the seller is generally linked to the reimbursement rate. You must first look at what the seller offers as content. Whether it is his website his Youtube channel with regard to individuals.

In any case, you must test your product to have an opinion on it. then see if the seller or the platform offers refund conditions. For example, on 1TPE you can consume the content and request a refund without being asked why.

You understand that in this case you lose sales and it is not profitable for you, especially if you are just starting out and have trouble making sales.

Is the program open to everyone?

It may seem strange to you, but this point is very important. An affiliate program open to everyone is a program that does not pay attention to its image. And here I am mainly talking about training that can be found everywhere in all areas.

Someone who simply takes a link and starts promoting it can hurt the seller and give the product a bad image. In the field of online business, it is easy to promise to earn certain amounts when it is not true. In addition, a beginner will spend his time spamming and giving a bad image of the product he is promoting.

On the contrary, if the affiliate program is open only to people who have joined this program and if they are satisfied. They will be able to promote the product easily because they know what they are talking about and will be supported by the seller.

The waiting period to get commissions

You need to choose a program that suits you and works best for you.

If you think it’s long to wait 3 months to get your commissions then choose another program.

Can you track your stats?

A good affiliate is an affiliate who doesn’t do anything randomly and tracks their stats to improve their conversions. But if the affiliate program does not allow to follow its statistics what to do?

This is a big problem I find, because you don’t know how many clicks you made per day, per month and how many sales you made. Some platforms like system.io do not allow you to track your statistics, you just have your affiliate link and you do not know if you have sold or not.

Conversely, you have platforms like clickfunnels which offers a dashboard where you can track your stats.

Who is the seller?

Find out about the seller before doing anything. It’s your credibility that’s at stake. If you’re promoting a product from someone who doesn’t respond to their customers or don’t refund them, you’re kind of like an… accomplice.

The reputation of the seller and the quality of the product are very important for the sustainability of your online business.

A program that solves a problem

This is perhaps the most important point, choose a product that meets the needs of your niche . Can your product change the life of your audience? Will he help her solve her problem and achieve her goal?

If the answer is yes then go for it, you will definitely make sales. I remember when I wanted to promote wordpress themes it didn’t work but everyone didn’t care.

Why is having an additional theme vital? On the other hand, a program to stop smoking, to lose weight, for example, can change a person’s life.

If by reading all these lines, you now know how to choose your affiliate program, leave a little comment it’s always a pleasure .

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