June 6, 2023

How to monetize your blog with a small traffic?

You’ve started a blog, you’ve spent time writing content and sharing value with your community.  Maybe you should think about monetizing your blog, right?! This is what motivates you to continue to devote yourself entirely to your blog.

Where the shoe pinches, monetizing a blog with small traffic is not so simple.  You are made to believe that all you need is a blog and an internet connection to travel and work wherever you want. That’s the theory, and it’s doable over time, but the reality is quite different. You are going to struggle, months and months with very few visits to your blog and offers that do not sell because of low traffic and low awareness.

I know, it’s not very sexy, it’s not motivating.  Would you have preferred that I sell you the  blogging  in front of a swimming pool or a sports car that I rented the day before? Or do I remain lucid and realistic in the face of the difficulties that all beginners will have at some point?

I prefer to be honest and tell you that the road will be long and that there will be some mines to slow you down. You have a small audience which I estimate to be less than 1000 prospects.

The “simplest” solution would be to put advertising space on your blog.  The big problem with this practice is that it takes several thousand visitors to hope to generate a substantial turnover.   You have a small audience, so it’s not possible.

Moreover, in the best of cases, these kinds of ads have no effect on a visitor who is not even going to pay attention.  In the worst case, these ads are invasive and will quickly drive away your visitors who will never return to your blog.  You can take the test, you will earn 5 dollars after 6 months.  You won’t be able to live on that amount, but you can have fun.

What is the solution then?

Attract targeted visitors

The first thing to do is to have a clear message , what do you offer?  What are you going to talk about? Be clear with your audience, say clearly what you offer and what your promise is .  I made a mistake on my blog, where I did an article on  dropshipping  to create buzz.  And it worked  (on my scale) , it is also the article with the most comments to date.

But to see what this puppet will say when criticizing  dropshipping . If you have a blog about mountain biking, only talk about mountain biking, don’t try to criticize the Tour de France, with the doping of some cyclists. You will have curious and unqualified traffic, which will not bring you anything.

I assure you, it is possible to make money with your blog with a little traffic if you have an audience that follows you and appreciates what you do .  This audience is usually made up of newbies looking for solutions. You will be able to provide them with solutions with online coaching.

Offer coaching

If you have real expertise and can help others, online coaching is a great place to start .  Why ?  First of all, you will earn money right away, even if you sell your time for money. You can start at $47 per hour and increase that price over time as you have more credibility, more testimonials, and when you’re seen as an authority in your niche, which can take time.

Online coaching aims to  target the needs of your audience .  If you “  coach”  20 people, you will have an idea of ​​the needs and problems of your niche.  This will allow you to create online training courses more easily.   Do the math, you will soon be able to make a salary.  You just need to continue to attract traffic to your blog to make it grow and thus have more customers.

Create online training

If you have a little traffic, you are starting to blog.  I get it, we all have impostor syndrome. You will be tempted to create small products like very inexpensive ebooks.

And this is the first mistake to avoid, which I share with you, because that’s what I did on this blog. You know, the life of an entrepreneur is a series of failures . But in business, failure is the norm. You always have to learn and correct yourself to always be a better version of yourself.

Why selling an ebook is a bad idea to properly monetize your blog? Quite simply because, if you want to generate 2000 or 3000 dollars per month, it is not with ebooks from 7 to 27 dollars that you will generate this sum. With a little traffic, you will at best make a good additional income.

How many ebooks are you going to sell per month to hopefully generate a good salary? The answer is: a lot, you have to play on the number. However, you have a small traffic and this is what you are lacking. The most logical solution is to sell expensive formations; that is to say training ranging from 297 dollars to 2000 dollars. You only need a few sales to make a good turnover.

This is a logical solution but presents a big problem. Who is going to trust a complete stranger and buy him a program for 1000 dollars? Person ! There are more and more coaches, trainers flourishing on the web who sell you services for 5,000 or 10,000 dollars.

Hence the interest of offering coaching at the beginning, to start earning money and increasing your credibility. When someone asks a question, people will automatically think of you, because you are a reference in your market.

One day, you will be able to charge 1000 dollars per coaching hour without any problem.

Selling courses okay, but are you credible enough for people to trust you and pay you? The key is to work on your credibility and your authority to establish a state of trust in your audience. selling training is a very good solution in the sense that you will create a product and sell it endlessly. In addition, you keep 90% of the turnover, whereas for e-commerce, this figure is around 30%.

Selling training is good, but selling a lot of it is better. You must create several formations and thus maximize your turnover.

Monetize your site with affiliate Network

Affiliate marketing allows you to monetize your blog by inserting your links in your articles. The gains are not substantial but it is passive income . Once the work is done, it will continue to generate commissions for you without doing anything else.  The first would be to make a tutorial that will describe a product.

Typically, your visitors are looking for training or software reviews. And if you provide these answers in written or video form. You are going to have a lot of people going through your link.

Unlike coaching, membership will bring long-term results. You are going to sow and you are waiting for the fruits. If you really bring value and if your product is interesting.

In conclusion, having a blog with low traffic may be more beneficial for you than a large blog with unqualified traffic. It’s true, take the test, you’ll see, it’s tiring to read and respond to emails from people who are in the west, you talk about weight loss, they talk to you about fitness and mass gain.

To monetize your blog, it is interesting to start by offering coaching in order to earn your first earnings and better understand the issues of your audience. You will then use this experience to solve the big recurring problem by creating an online training. This will allow you to meet the need once and for all and generate passive income that can fall even when you sleep.

These two strategies are the most important to implement. And if for some reason you are not ready to create products, affiliation is an effective way to make sales even if you are not an expert in your niche. Affiliation done right can be a great long-term gain, so it’s best to set up this source of income from the start.

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